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Indian Black Magic

Black Magic

Black Magic is a mystic art of rituals or using supernatural powers to influence or control events, people and ‘nature’ with techniques like voodoo, witchcraft. It can be also called a sort of hypnotism, though its methods are different.It involves use of positive or negative forces that derive its energy from either God’s universal energy for good work or wicked powers to cause damage to other persons, places or things(Directly or indirectly by its misuse). This term is also used with 'K' such as Magic and is also called 'Dark Magic' for its dependency on the dark forces.Those who use this mystic art of rituals for giving benefits to others practice White Magic.White Magic and Black Magic derive their forces from Positive Energy and Negative energy respectively. They can both benefit a common man, place or thing temporarily or can cause damage to any of them. However, it is hard to influence someone whit a stronger will-power and powerful personality or who may have a ‘spiritual’ personality or a friendly ‘horoscope’.

History of Black Magic

The word' magic' is very old, oldest of the oldest; it has been in existence from the time immemorial. The Indian Vedas, the Atharvaveda, in particular, gave descriptions of magic which the Brahmins learnt and practiced and possessed all skills of magical feats through this super power. This supernatural power has also a strong mention in the Egyptian literature apart from several religions.But as per the latest recorded history, it says that it has come from Old Persian Magus, one of the Zoroastrian astrologer priests of the Medes and later on it picked up serious attention in the late 14th century from the Old French Magique.Sorcery also appeared more or less in the same period but it picked up popularity in 1526. Magic, Black Magic or Hypnotism, Telepathy, all are the branches of the main base of supernatural powers of magic within man.

Forces behind Black Magic

It works on the following principles: The magic is based on natural and supernatural forces, which exist along with other four basic forces and these are numbered as fifth and sixth energy.
The scientific basic forces are:
1. Weak Gravity
2. Strong Gravity
3. Electromagnetism
4. Weak Nuclear Power
5. Strong Nuclear Power
6. Natural Command
7. Supernatural Force.

Does Black Magic really work?

Whether magic or black magic does exist, no question of modern people rejecting it. It is the energy that exists in every person, depending on one's thinking and nature of soul, pious or evil. This energy can be increased to a great extent either in giving benefits to a particular person or harming any other person, place or thing.A term taboo is also used for this. It was a custom among the Polynesians, who prohibited the use of certain persons, places or things. It normally forbids the use of physical connections with a particular person or woman.They generally accepted opposite term for the black magic or dark magic and that is white magic. The Black Magic has a negative connotation in American TV-Y which rates TV shows and they use the term of Magical Do Re Mi.Sorcery is a branch of basic magic that can influence certain desired events, objects, people and the places by its mystical supernatural powers to a great extent.Such Magical power affects have dual functions, they can heal as well as harm, and they can benefit as well as damage any person, place or thing. But more affectivity is related to negative power.

Effect of Black Magic

In case of Black Magic effect, the type of ghost or its shadow or its material that causes the damage is thoroughly studied. Then after diagnosing the type of ghost, his/her modus operandi is worked out and accordingly he or she is captured through positive tantric pooja, and normally it is tried that the ghost or spirit gets liberated from their roaming ghostly life. The tantric pooja is a serious divine effort to put these wandering and aimless spirits/ghosts in the service of God so that they could ultimately be liberated from their ghost yoni. The ghosts of lesser severity are called spirits they are normally used by negative Tantric and do black magic through their devilish powers to do evil acts such as to disintegrate the marriages, to destroy the businesses, to cause unnecessary innocent deaths, to damage the innocent and add to their agonies, and do the vasikaran for undesired elements to attract the women by freezing their brains and thinking and to get wrong gains of such types to the negative persons, which are normally banned and disapproved by almost all the religions of the world. We treat the ghosts at regular intervals, and they generally respond to the continuous treatment of
occult astrology. Lastly, they show keenness to get liberation and promise to leave the black magic shadow over the innocent victim who is represented through our tantric pooja. After pooja an amulet is given to the victim and he/she is generally relieved of the problem completely within 40 days, which is the normal course of departure of the ghost or spirit. Where the ghost is of very severe nature, we inform the client accordingly. Liberation is the ultimate aim of the ghosts/spirits, which they always desperately search for and cannot get unless they come into contact with right and religious minded positive tantric through divine pooja. This clause is not applicable to those who worship the devil during their lifetime. They are called 'CHANDAAL RUHEN' after death; they are tackled differently with more divine positive power forcing them to surrender. After complete surrender, they leave the region of their operation. These categories of ghosts are generally more powerful than that of other groups.

Voodoo –Medicine Magic by using Dolls

Voodoo was first used in Africa for healing by Voodoo Doctors for soldiers who were injured in war, for pregnant woman who couldn’t come to the doctor or people far away. The technique of effigy or using dolls (to help another person) can be effectively performed even from a long distance. The effigy should be drawn basing on the photograph of the person, place or thing and it can be made out of the material of dry grass or wooden material or waste. The material is perfect to perform the supernatural power. It helps even tracing the lost children, women or persons.Whatever part one wants to damage or harm others, it has to be specifically targeted and to achieve a proper result, and the expert performance of the mystical power has to be deployed. By doing so, it’s likely to affect the same portion of the person, place or thing, as desired. If not performed properly, it can fall flat and can give adverse effect to the doer or the person who gets it done. Such supernatural powers can cause the chosen diseases only to a person placed in one's ritual range. It can also cause physical injury to the body, can cause fit or even heart attack, or can cause an accident and can also make a person lunatic by misusing this power even from any distant place. It easily affects the pregnant woman, children and a common person with average will power.The degree of effect depends on the expert magical techniques employed to achieve the goal. Those who practice properly and attain expertise can do only do it, it is not an easy job, and it has to face exceptions where this rule or force does not apply.Before performing such a skill, one should remember that the person, place or thing on which the
black magic or sorcery is performed to cause damage should not have an ability to rebut the power, in certain cases; it can even refute and can harm the performer and make him or her crippled. The black magic done for malefic purposes may not affect the holy men, holy places, holy things and govt. agencies and their representatives being collective force or group, state or country. It does not affect the judges or kings and the rulers, being part of the government or state. It only applies to a single person, place or thing which does not fall in any category of exceptions.


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